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  Repairs, restoration, consolidation, conservation, waterproofing and everything else that others can’t do...that well
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Products made by HEMI ECO company are tested in our country’s authorised, accredited laboratories. The tests are quite extensive and encompass all characteristics which are necessary for determining the quality of a given product. Documents containing product test results – attestations are presented in detail and they fully describe the characteristics of tested product.

The HEMI ECO company owns attestations for all its protection materials (materials for conservation). Combinations of our protection materials are very often used in practice. In order to get a real picture of quality obtained through this procedure, combinations of protection materials which are most often used are tested and attested in detail. Health safety of our products has also been tested, consequently we possess attestations on health safety of all products which require these certificates (products whose usage requires that).

Attestations for our products are issued by Serbian institutions responsible for issuing this kind of documents. Tests of all products are carried out according to Serbian standards.

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