Hydro insulation is the method of preventing the penetration of water and humidity into the building. Water and humidity can penetrate the facility from the atmosphere or soil (ground). The hydro insulation can be carried out as the insulation of flat roofs, terraces, concrete plates and insulation of foundation, in other words part of the facility in contact with the ground. This, so-called classical hydro insulation is done on all new facilities, as well as old facilities having problems with humidity.

Special kind of hydro insulation is “cutting capillary humidity from the foundation”. It is performed on old buildings whose structure has been significantly weakened due to the expansion of capillaries and therefore washing out of construction material (brick, mortar, in exceptional cases stone) with water. Cutting capillary humidity from the foundation is done by the method of chemical injection - by injecting chemical agents into the part of foundation which is directly above and below the ground level. Besides becoming completely water repellent and water-proof, the use of this method considerably strengthens the structure of damaged material and prevents its further decay.

Hydro insulation of pools, tanks and water depositories which is done on an already built facility is one of our specialties. Such a hydro insulation represents also a form of conservation, and it can be done on concrete, mortar, ceramic plates, joints, stone, etc. Insulated material does not change the appearance and endures high water pressure (tested on 8bar or 80m of water column). Apart from the pools this agent is highly recommended for hydro insulation and conservation of all the facilities where construction material is in constant or occasional contact with high water pressure (hydroelectric power plants, water towers, etc), as well as facilities or parts of facilities which can’t undergo classic hydro insulation (classic hydro insulationor doesn’t provide satisfactory results). The agent used for hydro insulation is medically tested and certified and can be used for hydro insulation (conservation) of pools with drinking water.

Hydro insulation is performed by HEMI ECO team of experts using its own attested materials and proper technology.

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