Repair (Rehabilitation) is a procedure which puts the object into the state of serving its purpose. It is performed on facilities whose built-in materials became worn-out due to aging or use, or were damaged by atmospheric agents (rain, snow, hail, frost, etc), floods, earthquakes, landslides, as well as on objects which suffered from damages in another manner. Repair is done in cases when the value of works is lower than the value of the facility itself. If there is a possibility of a repeated damaging of the facility in the same or similar manner, it is necessary to previously carry out risk assessment in order to check whether repair would be payable.

Consolidation also represents a form of repair where old, weakened material is not replaced by a new one, but it is strengthened using specific chemical agents. Materials which are commonly consolidated are: stone, brick and mortar (plaster). More on consolidation.

In certain cases, especially concerning the facilities of cultural-historical importance and older facilities, after repairs it is necessary to do restoration, and then conservation. Our attested materials which have proved to be efficient for many years have an important role in the process of repair and rehabilitation.

All the repairs are performed by an expert, trained team.

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